About Unangax̂

The best place to learn about Unangax̂, the people of the Aleutian Islands, is from Unangax̂. Here are some convenient links:



Aleut Corporation is the regional for-profit corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. At the website, go under “shareholders” and look for “region & history.”



Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association is the regional non-profit corporation. It has a website with a link to “culture.” There are other links worth exploring at this site.



Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association has a fine website with a section called “Aleut Culture.” They also have newsletters from 2014 to the present online; these contain informative articles and terrific photographs.


The best resource on the Aleut language, Unangam tunuu, is found at the Alaska Native Language Center.



To explore a fantastic collection of weapons, clothes, baskets, and other objects collected during the Russian period of Alaska (1741-1867) go to the online Aleut collection of the Kunstkammer (Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography) in St. Petersburg.